BenefitsCal is a portal for Californians to receive and manage benefits online. This includes food assistance (CalFresh), formerly food stamps, cash assistance, etc. CalWORKs enable families with children living at home to receive financial assistance and services. The program serves the country’s 58 municipalities and is administered by the municipality’s social authorities.


There is a new version of Login BenefitsCal. C4Yourself has been replaced by BenefitsCal to provide Californians with a consistent experience. This summary provides an overview of system-wide benefits for qualified employees. CSU is committed to social plans. To use the benefits, features, and services of the portal, registration on the official portal is required.

We demonstrate how to join BenefitsCal in this article. The BenefitsCal Login online portal ( is the website used by approximately 40 counties in California to manage food stamps (CalFresh), healthcare (Medi-CAL), cash benefits (CalWORKs), etc. BenefitsCal is a portal for Californians to receive and manage benefits online. These include food assistance (CalFresh), formerly food stamps, cash assistance.

Various Portal Programs


Increase your meal budget and let the CalFresh program help you put healthy foods on the table.

Cash Assistance

Receive money every month to pay for housing, food, and other expenses. This is part of the California Work Opportunity and Responsibility for Children (CalWORKs).

Health Insurance

Get medical supplies for your family, including children and the elderly. Nursing also includes people with disabilities, foster families, and pregnant women. Insurance coverage also exists for people with illnesses such as tuberculosis, breast cancer, or HIV/AIDS.

Another Resource

Find out how your family can get help with vaccines, family planning, and money to buy healthy food.

You can also contact an advocacy group to help resolve a problem and find a solution. BenefitsCal and CalSAWS have established a “command center” to help county officials. Districts can contact the office-level support team, change network champions, technical touchpoints, and other resources to get answers to functional questions and report issues.